What Does An Annual Boiler Service Involve?

No matter the age of your boiler, it’s important to arrange an annual boiler service to make sure it continues to run as expected.

You may also find that an annual boiler service is needed in order to meet the condition of your boiler’s manufacturer’s warranty. At Home Emergency Assist, you can add a boiler service from just £6 a month* to any of our Home Emergency products.

Booked in your boiler service but not sure what to expect?

The boiler service must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer for gas boilers, or a heating engineer registered with OFTEC for oil or LPG boilers and regardless of the type of boiler, should take around an hour.

What is included in the annual boiler service?

Our boiler service check consists of:

  • Flues and terminals check
  • All safety devices check
  • Gas pressure and heat input verification
  • Operating pressure reset
  • Combustion fan check
  • Heat exchangers check
  • Gas and water seals check
  • Burners check/clean
  • Ignition system check
  • Combustion performance test (where possible)
  • Controls check
  • Ventilation check
  • Heating controls/energy efficiency advice

(Service procedures may vary depending on the particular appliance)

What happens if a fault is identified?

If maintenance work or faults are identified, we’ll advise you of any remedial action required. It’s your responsibility to make sure any required fixes are completed and to provide evidence of this if needed.

Our engineer will follow Gas Industry Safe Situations Procedures where safety issues are identified.

Boiler services are typically carried out between April and September, but you can read our blog post on when you should arrange your boiler service for more information.

You can also read our full boiler service terms and conditions.

For more information on how our boiler and central heating system cover can keep your mind at rest all year round, get in touch with our team of specialists. Get a free quote online today!

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